The Forest of Antlers Experience

Those who return to hunt our ranch are just as filled with excitement and anticipation as those who join us for the first time. Our hunters arrive in the morning, the day before their hunt begins. Most, if not too tired from travel, partake of a great evening hunt. The next three days are spent hunting morning and evening. A typical hunting day begins with an exciting and exhilarating early morning hunt. You’ll have a period of free time until mid-afternoon. Then it’s back to the field for an unforgettable evening hunt. Trophy bucks with racks of 10 to 12 points are common! Trophy bucks that walk in most whitetail hunters’ dreams roam our ranch. Come bag yours!

Scoring is done following SCI Gross Score guidelines

Antler Facts

We offer up to three days for your trophy hunt. Our hunts run from September  through January. Our current deer population is excellent. Actual buck sightings of ten to thirty deer are seen from our stands daily! These bucks average from four to eight years old and racks up to 10 and 12 points are common. We book fewer hunters than we have bucks available, creating a 100% success rate for every hunter, every year! Methods of hunting are from an enclosed elevated heated box blinds, hang on stands, climbing tree stands, ladder stands ground blinds and scouting from a 4×4.  We are equipped to accommodate handicapped hunters. You can sight in your weapon, be it bow, rifle, shotgun, pistol or muzzle loader upon arrival.
Items to bring include warm clothes, leather boots, rain gear, (including rubber boots), binoculars, and for sure a camera with lots of film!

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